@torproject when I was at school they forced us to waiver our rights to surveillance.

@torproject one side benefit of all this surveillance & security protocols, is that our children are learning the benefits of privacy, anonymity, and circumvention. I couldn't be prouder.

@tolmie @torproject Actually IMO students are being conditioned to accept it, and thus conditioned to overlook the benefits of #privacy.

@expat @torproject I'm sure some are, but our kids are using a VPN service, and frequently engage in conversation with their peers on how to leave a minimal footprint or none at all.

There are going to be those who just accept it, and that's unfortunate.

While kids feel that their individual rights are respected they will not challenge the invasion of privacy.

Kids aren't stupid, they know #Tor and #i2p are out there. They are conditioned to fear it. However it only takes being burnt once.

@expat @torproject

Yes, we tooted something similar yesterday.

The days of the #clearnet are now numbered. We can all do our part to help the process along in our local communities.


@torproject Students in #Denmark are now being forced to get research material through #CloudFlare, one of the biggest #privacy adversaries today: dev.lemmy.ml/post/31503

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