Onionbalance allows onion service operators to achieve high availability by allowing multiple machines to handle requests for an onion service.

We've got tasty news: Onionbalance now supports v3 onion services. If you were waiting for an update to migrate from v2 to v3, now's your chance.

Give Onionbalance a taste, and let us know how it goes. There are more features to come after we get this release tested.

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Does something exist like a appimage with a hidden service.

So that it is possible to quickly set up an emergency website without all the configuration bullshit for common parameters.

A 3-click .onion service.
- download
- place data
- start .onion




OnionShare is made by @micahflee :)



You have a better example here:
I just took my own site and added into onionshare with some changed settings.



Thanks, just what I need!
Just the linux install seems a bit flawed

E: Unable to locate package python3-flask-httpauth
E: Unable to locate package python3-distutils

i'm on a 16.04 buntu...

almost there. hehe

Thanks for the quick answers @selea!

.onions for the future


i installed from ppa...

checking for broken packags, but all apears ok..


Managed to install it on someone else's pc :-)
My distro appears to be missing python3-flask-httpauth and python3-distutils

... crap... next month 20.04... :-)

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