If you want to share a file with a friend or colleague, you don't have to trust a third party service. You can use OnionShare.

The newest version even lets you publish static websites as onion services.

if that version would be available in tails, that would be lovely.

@micahflee made a flatpak available, so it could be easy used.

problem: to use flatpak in tails, one needs to change the download and install directory, otherwise it won't work. (it usually just runs out of space, as tails gives flatpak onle a few 100MB to use)
Not an easy task for not-so-tech-savy-people.

If someone could pick up this task, other software such as signal or briar could also be installed by everyone in a very simple way.

Having #onionshare (the version where you can also let others send you files), briar and signal would increase tails UX greatly.

@hambibleibt @torproject The flatpak package isn't quite ready! I need to spend more time working on it and finally release it

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