If you want to introduce someone to Tor, this animation is a great place to start.

Hol' up, isn't using Tor to log in social media networks defeat the purposr of using Tor in the first place?

@LongFA @torproject It's said on 1:51. But unless you're revealing unique data that may identify you (real name or known nickname, location, social graph, etc.) I don't see why you shouldn't login through Tor.
Gotta bear in mind that social media like FB (and ad networks) extract your data and profile you even if you're logged out, or even if you're not an user, so using Tor is always better than not using it.


not completely, for example these networks dont know your current location then
also noise in the network is good

@LongFA depends of what your goal is. Accessing Facebook from Iran, then #Tor with a bride is a good solution.
Using Facebook with a fake Identity that seems to come for lets say Ghana, then use Tor and set it to use an Exit in Ghana.
If you want block Facebook from associating your internet usage with you Facebook account, then use Tor browser for Facebook only and do all the other things in your usual Firefox.

This is just some reasons, there are more I guess.

There is so many reasons why one want to use Tor, it always depends on the use case.

Also, as always, if you can, run a Bride or Relay from home or on your Webserver. Both is easy to setup and helps the Tor network.

@torproject Too infantile considering the purpose of Tor. It's not a children's toy

@torproject I'll be borrowing this in my upcoming #elearning course, which contains a unit all about #privacy tools and will feature #Tor Browser.

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