COVID-19 crisis has increased surveillance & censorship in a time when being online is more crucial than ever. Free access to information is a necessity for all of us to stay safe.
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@torproject Folks, this is a trap. If you donate money using #Paypal, PP will then share the data they collect on you with 600 companies: Torproject should not be subjecting donors to this privacy abuse.

@LPS @torproject #librepay is fine AFAIK, but #opencollective is actually MitMd by #CloudFlare (the top adversary of the #Tor community). Torproject is already giving plenty of options, but they need to remove the privacy abusing ones. Torproject also subjects donors to #Amazon Pay & amzn Smile. Amazon is also a notorious #privacy abuser.

@LPS @torproject This thread details the ethical & privacy issues with using #Liberapay:

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