"Normal web browsing is easy with Tor... once you're in, you can use Tor just as you would any other browser."

Pls dont get me wrong, my feelings towards the Tor project are all positive, but I would say that cloudfare e.g. makes it not so usable for day2day browsing, important not to spread fake news :AngeryCat:

@internetman @torproject I think this statement is problematic on yet a different level. If your goal is to remain anonymous, you can't just open up Tor and do your browsing as usual and expect to have anonymity.

The Tor project has always been careful to warn users about deanonymizing behavior, and saying that using Tor is as simple as using any other browser doesn't serve this justice and leaves users with a false impression of how to be anonymus on the internet.

@kenogo @torproject Agreed. And I think they have been very good at warning about this up until the point I read this article. Everybody makes tiny mistakes here and there 👍

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