🇮🇳 Among other sites and Apps, Duckduckgo is now blocked by multiple ISPs in India. You can still search privately using Tor Browser.

Download now:

@torproject so it's like how my old school blocked every search engine but google except on a national scale

@soymilk @torproject my old school did the same, it sucked since even at the time I hated Google

@immychan @torproject we're just a public service, we're totally not used to indoctrinate kids into tech monopolies, also the only search engine you may use is google

@immychan @torproject getting flashbacks to being told "you may only use chrome" even though all the web software we used worked in firefox fine

@soymilk @torproject that's a little bit too cospiritorial for my taste, personally I just think it's a bit of loop, people who teach IT know products made by big tech monopolies and so therefore that's what they teach kids who in turn grow up to teach what they've been taught, there's no malicious intent it's just that someone needs to break the cycle

@immychan @torproject nah big tech funnels billions into making sure their shit stays the status quo in schools

at my school the banning of other search engines was a manual action taken by network administrators to keep kids from using anything but google

@immychan @torproject it is literally more expensive for schools to use free software and services that respect their students because big tech donates a shit ton of software, hardware, and support to schools

@torproject Blocking DDG makes sense since it does not filter out sites unlike other search engines. Seems like India is getting inspired by China


isn't India a 'democratic' country? how could a 'democracy' be doing this????


@NatCor @torproject
can't talk much about since every system has it's own loop holes including Democracy and they are super complex in the real world.

@torproject I can't believe they have blocked duckduckgo! what the hell for?!

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