We are officially launching the Tor Project Membership Program, a new way for nonprofit and private sector organizations to financially support our work. 🎉

@torproject I appreciate a lot the work you do!
Still, don't you think that for-profit companies-members could be a negative influence? I am concerned about Avast in particular. They have proven that they have no regard for user privacy. Avast antivirus and AVG are collecting a lot of personal user data, including web history, yet they claim that they believe in privacy. "Look forward to working with Tor" seems suspicious, to say the least.

@torproject This seems a little suspicious. I don’t want the private sector to put a back door in Tor

@laed0s0deal @gioypi I think #Tor in particular is pretty open to follow development, so @torproject always allowed contribution, financially or with resources, by many parties. The users and the public has to watch the whole organization as far as possible and needs to alarm the public if something goes wrong. And there is already persons that may be considered as a pain in the ass by some, but supervision is needed and I am fine to be criticized for things I do in and around Tor, because then I know others are watched too.
Disclaimer: I am not part of The Tor Project, but I do things for them and run Exits, Relays and Bridges.
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