@dick_turpin it's funny cause i'm involved in a virtual Con that's using zoom for it's Libre Open Source event. (Well, minus the platform in use)

@dick_turpin we're trying to setup something with no OBS experience. Zoom has some youtube streaming and other fun tools which in theory makes it easier. Zoom Webinar actually.

Also, WhatsApp is old school, Telegram is the new hotness. Or actually TikTok?

@csgeek Yeah TikTok

Makes me wet myself with laughter, nobody wants Huawei and their 5G because of their supposed links to Chinese Intelligence and yet TikTok another Chinese product supposedly linked to their intelligence services is OK. 🤦‍♂️

@dick_turpin Well, US has a different stance, but how could we deprivate all of these teenagers of their 15 seconds of fame? Aside from the Chinese, link.. permissions that are granted to TikTok aren't even close to what FB is being granted by everyone.

Different sovereignty I suppose. So we're good with FB *shrug*

@csgeek @dick_turpin there are FOSS solutions that include youtube live streaming (such as my favorite, jitsi)

@Spaceface16518 @dick_turpin The last conf I attended they tried to FOSS to a fault. They ended up using Jitsi, Matrix, Telegram, IRC and Zoom.

Zoom had its issues but most of those tools have issues. Jitisi's video quality (recorded ) is absolutely horrible. Matrix's has a whole slew of issue though I love the tech and end to end encryption.

bigbluebutton.org/ is interesting though really heavy resource wise and apparently a pain to install. I really should just write a blog post

@Spaceface16518 @dick_turpin Basically been there done that and haven't found an open tool that works as well as we'd like. Especially once you're intending to have not 15 people in the meeting but 1500.

@torproject trying paid solutions from 8x8 VC (company behind Jitsi) for big events is an option

@sahilister @torproject I'm in the planning stages of a virtual conference. Have you used any of these products or attended a conference where they were used?

@gr @torproject haven't used the paid service but having Jitsi with more than 30 folks is hard to handle personally (self hosted instance).

So just suggested paid service from 8x8 inplace of Zoom and stuff.

@torproject That's a great move from Zoom.They're saving people much time by proofing that they censor stuff directly so that people don't need talks about that topic anymore.

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