The Ugandan government has continued to block social media sites after partially restoring internet connectivity. Direct Tor connections are working, so you can use Tor Browser to get around this censorship without using a bridge.

@torproject This is crazy, "App distribution platforms iOS AppStore and Google PlayStore also remain blocked". Which means your iphone/ipad is unable to install/update any apps.
At least on android you can install apps from other stores...

Let's avoid the block and get censored by Twitter and Facebook. The Silicon Valley tirants are censoring people at home while complaining about internet censorship in other countries. Bunch of hypocrites

@torproject The US is known for insane technologies which could split there people so I kind of do understand why they block social media. Well and then there is the secret wish in me that one day the world will block centralized social media because it's shit but censorship is always questionable. I would try to get those people to blogs or videos or some other sain content form tho. Who knows maybe some will start reading books again that's far better 🤷

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