Good news for Onionland!

It's now finally possible to get DV certs for your v3 onion site using the HARICA CA! It's another step for the popularization of onion services. We hope more CAs follow HARICA's lead and add support for v3 onions.

Get your own here:

FAQ: "Do I need an HTTPS certificate for my onion?"

There are some specific cases where you would need or want to have an HTTPS for your onion site. We've compiled some topics and arguments on onions with HTTPS, so you can decide what's the best for you:

Should everything be corporatised, permissoned, commodified including, now, #privacy?

Why not V2 addresses that allow the web designer to specify letters of the URL that can receive colour and background colour? Colours come from the remaining parts of the public key so cannot be faked.

Include a button that says 'Wrong website', to tell Tor to find another website with same first 16 letters?

Include #eschalot in #TorBrowser?

All the birds with existing stones, right?


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