The Tor Project is joining calls for Richard M. Stallman to be removed from board, staff, volunteer, and other leadership positions in the FOSS community, including the Free Software Foundation and the GNU Project. Sign the open letter:

The Tor Project has made it clear to Freedom Software Foundation and in the past that we did not want to participate in the event if they welcomed RMS back.

To re-instate him without notifying the community prior to the event is against the transparency we stand for in this community.

You should focus more on privacy and security and less on trying to cancel people you don't like.

@torproject why? There are things that are factually wrong in the letter.


I think the real liability is unquestioningly accepting misinformation, and allowing it to cloud our judgement.

The deviation of your irrational behaviour from your intellectual ability / critical thinking proves that you are willing to irreversibly risk the reputation/goal of the entire free software movement simply because you don't like someone, or, because of a personal grudge.

Preliminary board statement on FSF governance ~

@torproject What happens when the media machine starts pumping out propaganda like “free software makes it easier for hackers to attack software - see openssl/heartbleed”?


Thank you for succinctly informing us of your position, and why. It is sad so many on Mastodon seem to have failed to read your toots before reacting.

I may or may not agree with your decision, but I respect your right to take it.

Best wishes!

@torproject shame on you. I thought that you use resources to improve #privacy and #security but you want to be a part of mob lynching.
Maybe it's good that you revealed your true face.

@Br0m3x @torproject well, i'm not entirely surprised considering the Jacob Appelbaum fiasco that Tor Project had to deal with.

@Br0m3x @torproject

This bit is chilling, very sad to read this.

"We urge those in a position to do so to stop supporting the Free Software Foundation. [!!!] Refuse to contribute to projects related to the FSF and RMS. Do not speak at or attend FSF events, or events that welcome RMS and his brand of intolerance. "

@Br0m3x @torproject

This bit is also completely over the board.

"It is time for RMS to step back from the free software, tech ethics, digital rights, and tech communities"

Not wanting him as leader is understandable, but you're demanding him to stop participating?!

IMO this letter is written in such a divisive way that it leaves no space for or the to agree, even if they wanted to reach an agreement.

@Br0m3x @torproject
Wat are you referencing here? havent read about it yet..

@torproject If this is the kind of problem you focus on, maybe the Tor Project leadership should change.

@The Tor Project So you join the hype? Too bad, I expected more from you.

So, the tor project is also interested in mob lynching

Cancel culture, yay! Let's judge someone for what some people on Twitter make of his words, not for what he has actually done.


Things someone has said is something someone has actually done.

If you look at the appendix, you'll see that it is all based on "Selam Jie Gano" hit piece and the 'references' circle back to that same hit piece.

If you care about the truth, you could read some proper journalistic work here:

Also interesting:

And realize the hit piece is a piece of junk.
But why care about due process or the truth when you can just join the SJW #CancelCulture mob?

Shame on you.

@FreePietje @torproject #MobJustice is more dangerous than any single individual.
Would any individual break laws, he deserves the right for a fair trial, no more, no less.

@roshii @FreePietje @torproject Tor project is not a government they don't have a justice system. People can chose to associate with who they want and if they don't like RMS that is their right

@indefenseoftoucans @roshii @torproject
You are entirely correct.

*I* thought they (still) cared about justice and due process, so I shared information the hitpiece which seem the base of all this.

They chose to ignore that, which is their right, and prefer the #CancelCulture #MobJustice.

Which in turn means they do not share my values and consequently I'll' dis-associate myself from them. No more running a Tor bridge or any of their software or helping in other ways. That's my right too.


In the process of un-boosting @torproject toots I previously boosted, I came across this one:

on Human Rights Day.
"No one shall be subjected to ..., nor to attacks upon his honour and reputation."
"Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression"

I will not un-boost this one as I actually believe in them.

... 🙄


@indefenseoftoucans @FreePietje @torproject you said it all: tor project don't have a justice system and yet it judges and condemns someone based social pressure coming from an angry mob.
what if an angry government official come and knock at their door? would they bend as well? maybe open a backdoor because mob wants to condems "criminals"?

#MobJustice is definitely dangerous, checkout history books, it never did bring anything positive

@FreePietje @torproject Thanks for sharing those articles, they are way more documented and well thought than any of the accusations posted online.

@torproject What have you done, tor? You will be remembered for this.

@chiraag @torproject for trying to cancel richard stallman? What's wrong with you?

@torproject For transparency reasons: Can you please publicly document what made you do this decision? On what facts is it based? Please add references.

This is absolutely crucial to fight fake news.

I still wonder how many people on that list were rigorous and verified the claims. It is severe words and yet hard to verify.

So stay cool, don't let yourself being weaponized in a fight against the FSF.

@torproject Tor Project, you are intended to IMPROVE the Internet, not DESTROY. You got it all mixed up.


The letter is in fact a call to sabotage the and divide the free software movement. Some people are very interested in this outcome and Tor is in the wrong by further digging the barricades.

@gamliel @torproject

The official spnsors page for Tor is linked below. They are definitely financed by companies that do not respect free software.

@gamliel @torproject FWIW from what i was told and understood, they are just butthurt about FSF not informing them about the RMS's return, would like to be corrected as needed though.

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