We're very happy to announce a new era in Tor: Arti, a pure-Rust Tor implementation.
Thanks to funding from ZcashOMG, we can finally move the Arti project up in our priorities list!

Some background on why Arti is important for the future of Tor: Tor is a set of protocols to provide anonymity, privacy, and censorship resistance on the Internet. Tor is also a program (in C) that provides client-side and server-side implementations of those protocols.

We started Tor back around 2002, based on earlier Onion Routing designs from the mid-1990s. Since then, Tor has grown to handle millions of users around the world, and today's Tor is still written in the C programming language.

Although C is venerable and ubiquitous, it's error-prone to use, and its lack of high-level features make many programming tasks more complex than they'd be in a more modern language. For us, these problems mean that programming in C is a slow and painstaking process.

Rust seems like the clearest way out of our bind. It's a high-level language & more expressive than C. It has innovative features that let the language enforce safety properties at compile-time. That's a huge win for us in programming time and for users in security & reliability.

We're extremely excited to have ZcashOMG support in building Arti and moving Tor into a new era!

Learn more about Arti, the roadmap, and how you can get involved here:

@torproject if you can't do it in C or asm u can't and should not do it at all, it's not the problem of the language, it's always the lack of skills of the speakers. Rust is a doomed and designed to fail what it claims project.
Programing is pain by definition, and if can't endure kitchen heat do not try to become a cook.
and new pans make no 3 star cook imho


I can understand why you want to move away from C. Did you consider modern C++ (C++17 or C++20) for Arti before deciding to use Rust? Will Arti get wrappers for modern C++ in the future?

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