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@torproject yay... I know some rust. But I'm trying to get an "alternance" (idk if it exist in an other country, In France it's a way to learn how to work in a company, you're 3 weeks in the company and one week in school)

@eragon @torproject That's a really nice thing. We don't have that in India. The closest what we have is that during the summer vacation before the final year we get to work (intern) in a company for two months. I think this is there in pretty much all countries.

@farseen @torproject yep, the name in French is "stage" and I had on during may and June. It's my first year in my programming school.

And you're right it's an amazing way to learn, I prefer to work on a real thing than learning thing in school and years later learning that it wasn't useful because school and work are really different.

That's nice, I'll reach out when you're in need of a c++ junior with deep work mentality :)

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