@torproject why do you want to send people to wired.com full of trackers?

@af @torproject that’s not enough may be in your country but not mine.

@af @torproject just wanted to add don’t think you are invincible with Tor, use it with caution. I don’t know your background felt like sharing you can ignore if you please. Peace.

@garow Honestly I didn’t really get your last message, and I should apologize because mine wasn’t super nice. Of course Tor doesn’t make you invincible, but it really helps against corporate mass surveillance. However I’m interested in more sources about using Tor against a State threat model, if you could provide them. Thanks in advance.

@af I just meant I am cool with response and had some advice in good spirit. Regarding Tor usage, it’s not going to help much. The corporate surveillance engine is too strong they monitor the nodes and network hop back trace is easy for them to trace you. ISP also plays role, they are mostly sold out. I never had super success wit Tor. The current machinery many a times too good for Tor. You use it but don’t blindly trust it. Be in strict mode JavaScript enabled will leak info.


The answer is you can't stop from tracking you without uninstalling it.

The article points out how you can try to stop third parties from mining Spotify data, and some other minor stuff.

How is this related to Tor though?
You probably can't login to Spotify using Tor, and if you could, once you'll login you're tracked anyway.

Unless you'e using a wrapper like .

Makes me wonder who is running the project nowadays.

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