🌉 Tor bridge operators!

Bridges are relatively easy & low bandwidth to operate, but they have a big impact on people impacted by internet censorship.

By running a Tor bridge, you help people bypass censorship to browse freely & privately.

@torproject also easy to setup on any (web)server you run... ask me, I can help, you'll not get listed in DNSBL.
@torproject I heard about one person in Russia running their tor bridge.

He ended up in jail.
@vae @torproject also tagging @ggus

Yeah, I remember him. His name is Dmitry Bogatov. He was indeed arrested but thankfully, due to resonance in media, he wasn't jailed. And indeed he ran exit node.

He left Russia and moved to another country though.

@torproject what should be the minimum bandwidth for running a relay?

@Dashtop @torproject for Tor the minimum bandwidth is always the speed you would want to surf the web yourself. So I guess some 5-10 MBit/s at least (that is what many public WiFi actually give you).

But the more the better, I always try to give it at least 30 MBit/s, but for a bridge it won't use much bandwidth most likely, so you can leave it unlimited I think.

And if you have much bandwidth to spare you can run a relay, there is settings to throttle the bandwidth for Tor, no matter if Bridge, Relay or Exit.

@torproject Would this be a good task for a very old Raspberry Pi?

@macst3r @torproject I think it need a Pi3 at least, not sure if an oder one can take the needed bandwidth.

@torproject last time I set up a current IPv6 only bridge it wasn’t integrated into the network. Even after a week.

@txt_file @torproject not sure why. I should try one IPv6 only setup, never did.
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