We've joined a coalition of more than 90 organizations calling on Apple to halt its plans to scan the files and iMessages of iPhone users.

@torproject they just will not care. they only way to force them to care is to hit them in the pocket by mass boycotting their stylish and super duper expensive devices, their services and everything connected to them. if next quarter results will be a bloodbath then they will probably reconsider their decision. trash the iPhones, unplug your iMacs, delete your iCloud.

@ranx @torproject they certanly won't change this just because the expert warn about how dangerous this is as a precedent, at the end of the day, the experts are a minority, but it is still important to send the message.

That way when someone talks about how privacy friendly apple is, you can cite the #Tor project, the #eff and family to show the true face of #Apple. An so on.

@torproject it is a good idea, although if it is not done in the name of free software, a major advance cannot be achieved.

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