Holy shit that article is terrible. Their basic take aways are that no one needs a VPN because SSL and that they ended up creating their own using "Amazon’s web services, a reputable and widely trusted cloud provider"

So... don't pay for a VPN, or if you do use one, use "reputable and widely trusted" Amazon?! 🤦‍♂️

Shoot me. Just shoot me.

@Blort @torproject That's exactly what I thought, and since when is AWS free?

@torproject Tor is great and I do use it, but it has two shortcomings (amid a host of advantages) over a traditional proxy.

1) It's slower (but getting faster all the time)
2) No support for UDP

@jlamothe when tor is faster you know you're in an autocracy

@Dashtop of course, the reason it's slower is completely understandable. It's still a consideration though.

@jlamothe No, like it's actually faster in an autocracy cause they slow down website speed randomly.


Tor is much better for privacy.

Most VPN's = a trap that started showing up everywhere around sn0wden leak.

Sure a couple VPN's run privately that might add slight benefit, but 99% are not what you think.

Similar to the cloud.

Former Israeli Surveillance/malware specialist bought 4 of the largest VPN's.

One of them alone they paid almost $1Bil for. Sponsored ppl w/tell you otherwise.

Most VPN's keep logs and have your info/link back. Shallow hop.


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