URGENT: Starting Dec. 1st, Russian ISPs have started blocking access to Tor. We've also learned that Roskomnadzor, the Russian gov't responsible for censorship, intends to block
We need your help NOW to fight censorship!

@torproject does running snowflake on my browser help in this case? I can’t let my computer turned on 24/7 to run a obfs4 bridge due to energy costs, but I can let snowflake running while I’m on my work shift

@aito @torproject unfortunately, Snowflake was blocked in Russia, too! 😣

@ggus @aito @torproject Unfortunately, I haven't the resources to run a Tor bridge but, like aito, I've installed Snowflake. Apparently, I've helped 14 people in the last 24 hours, which is at least something.

Are Snowflake clients restricted/protected by my Pi-Hole, or do the clients perform their own DNS lookups?

@markusl @aito @torproject snowflake proxies are like entry nodes, ie, users are not exiting from your connection. So your pi-hole is not messing up their tor traffic.

I have not set up a bridge. Though I looked at the possibilities for it. It is not really feasible for me to set up a bridge.
But I do sometimes turn on Snowflake proxy!
Is there an android app for easilly running a snowflake proxy from your phone? (Without having to install it in Termux, might be possible to do that instead though.)
And on my webserver that almost nobody visits I have recently embedded the Snowflake Proxy iframe, probably will not do anything, but well, maybe...

@storydragon @torproject
Orbot app has experimental feature to run Snowflake proxy

@didek @storydragon @torproject

For some reason, that did not load for me at first. But I found it now

@torproject this is funny because so many Russian state linked hacking and ransomware groups are so heavily dependent on the service.

@rchrd @torproject this isn't funny because hacking and ransomware groups will easily find workarounds. As always, censorship and restrictions only affect legitimate users.

@torproject These people can try to block, But we will figure other ways around it. technology is just too op! 😈😈😈

@torproject If you value privacy so much then why do you host this event on Youtube?

@torproject Doesn't this answer the question:

Who ran that large fleet of recently discovered spy nodes?

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