Dec 9 UPDATE: Since the Russian government has taken another step against internet freedom by blocking the Tor Project's website and, in some cases, blocking the network, internet freedom supporters have fought back by spinning up 200+ bridges. 💪 🌉

Some Russian ISPs blocked public Tor relays and built-in bridges by IP address, enumerated "moat" obfs4 bridges and blocked them by IP address, and used DPI to recognize and block Snowflake connections. Other obfs4 bridges continued to work throughout.


This week's Tor Browser 11.0.2 release has fresh built-in bridges so Russian users can configure their Tor Browser to "use built-in obfs4 bridges."

And our fixes to the Snowflake protocol are on track to be included in next week's Tor Browser 11.5a1 alpha release. Stay tuned!

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