@torproject why do you recommend not to use bridges in the usa?

@galaxion @torproject it's not really useful, since Tor is not censored in the USA. However if you are behind a restrictive firewall, a bridge can be required to connect to Tor.

@twann @torproject Tor isnt prohibited in many places. But they recommend not to use bridges specifically in the usa. I wonder why?

Dear Tor Project,

There are more #blind #screenreader users on Mastodon than you might expect. So, can you please consider adding descriptions to your images? It can not only be helpful for visual impaired people, but also for #autistic folks who sometimes find the context helpful, and for anyone with a low bandwith connection or strict dataplan who doesn't want to load the images. Or for people who don't want to use a GUI for mastodon and prefer a terminal client.
Some instances offer automatic #OCR which can help grab any text in your image, though proofreading is still important. You can also follow @PleaseCaption to be reminded whenever you post an image without captioning it.
And don't worry, a highly detailed description or fancy writing, while always nice, is definitely not required. Something is nearly always better than nothing when it comes to alt text.
Thank you for reading. :)

Privacy is a human right. Defend yours with Tor. #DataPrivacyDay. :boost_ok:

@torproject posted this without an image description, and I like Tor enough to not write something snarky here, but... come on guys. be better.

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