Will you be at MCH2022Camp? We will be!
Join Alexander Færøy (@ahf), Tor's Network Team Lead, on July 24 at May Contain Hackers to learn about what we're doing to modernize the Tor ecosystem.
Add our talk to your schedule ⤵️

@torproject @ahf quick question:

How do i join? I added it to my calender schedule, but is there a link or something i join through

@allinone0 @torproject @ahf MCH is a face to face event. I don’t think they will record it.

@ggus @allinone0 @torproject Gus's right that it's an offline event, but I do think there will be recordings afterwards. At last that was how it went at SHA in 2017.

@mch2022camp probably knows more here.

@ahf @ggus @allinone0 @torproject we aim to both livestream (and take questions from the Internet relayed by 'Signal Angels') and make the recordings available online afterwards, thanks to @c3voc and all other volunteers.

@torproject @ahf
I will be at MCH2022 - celebrating that I started my first exit node around July 22. 2012! About 10 years of near constant abuse emails, but nothing serious enough to take my nodes down!

@kramse @torproject A printer would be able to turn the emails into bonfire fuel 🔥

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