🎉 Big news: Tor Browser 11.5 is here! In this release, we're bringing you automatic censorship detection and circumvention, redesigned Tor Network settings, Firefox's HTTPS-Only Mode enabled by default, and improved font support.

Take a look at what's new in Tor Browser 11.5:

🟣 Connection Assist is a new feature for users burdened by censorship. When Tor is blocked, Connection Assist will offer to automatically apply the bridge configuration we think will work best in your location.

🟣 We've also redesigned Tor Network settings for users who prefer to configure their connection manually. This includes a brand new name—Connection settings—connection statuses, and streamlined UX for selecting a bridge.

🟣 Plus, we've introduced a new feature called bridge cards. Before Tor Browser 11.5, bridges used to be almost invisible, even when configured. Now, your saved bridges appear in a handy stack of bridge cards—including new options for sharing bridges too.


🟣 HTTPS-Everywhere has led a long career protecting our users. Now, HTTPS is actually everywhere. Firefox calls this feature HTTPS-Only Mode. Starting in Tor Browser 11.5, HTTPS-Only Mode is enabled by default for desktop, & HTTPS-Everywhere will not be bundled with Tor Browser.


My Tor Browser 11.0.10 can’t find an update. The new V11.5. I can load from your page is from 01-01-2000. Everything ok over there?

@torproject how will the *.securedrop.tor.onion links work now? Weren't they implemented with HTTPS everywhere rules?

I actually emailed the EFF a bit ago asking about HTTPS-Everywhere and they told me to enable Firefox's HTTPS-Only mode instead too.

Glad to see Tor is getting with it too. ^_^

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