❄️ 🚨 Snowflake operators, your help is needed!

Make sure you're running the most recent version of Snowflake. If you don't update, your Snowflake will stop working in the near future.

This includes people running the web extension AND the standalone proxy.

You should be running version 0.6.1 of the extension:

✅ How to update in Firefox: Settings > Extensions & Themes > Manage > Check for updates.

✅ How to upgrade in Chrome: Menu > More Tools > Extensions > (Enable Developer Mode) and Update.

@torproject Is there a way to see how many users I've been helping with the docker snowflake? The browser extension shows it, and it's awesome, but with the docker image, I have no idea if people are able to connect :(

@cyberghost Hi, once Snowflake is running you can:

docker ps (get the container ID)

and then, run:
docker logs <container ID>

This will show you the status messages.

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