We've got big news.

After months of work, Tor Browser is now stable on Android.

Tor Browser 8.5 brings the highest degree of privacy and censorship-circumvention available to Android users. blog.torproject.org/new-releas

Through Sunday: You can get a limited edition "Tor: At the Heart of Internet Freedom" t-shirt featuring a quote from Snowden on the back for a $39 donation. Enter '39' into the 'other' box, and we will contact you about sizing. donate.torproject.org

We have another special offer for you.

For one week only, the Tor sticker pack, including multiple reusable camera covers and our favorite logos, can be yours for a $17 donation.

Just write in $17 into the "other" box on the donate page, and you're set. donate.torproject.org

📢 For 1 week only:

If you donate $278 to the Tor Project, in addition to the Tor t-shirt pack, you'll also receive this limited edition roots hoodie.

Stand up for and show your support with Tor gear: donate.torproject.org

Mozilla is working on a fix, and we'll start building a new Tor Browser version as soon as their fix is available. For anyone dependent on the security provided by the higher security levels, there is a temporary workaround. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Ola Bini is a long-time privacy activist and should be released immediately. We are very concerned about the implications of his arrest and his safety. blog.torproject.org/ecuador-fr

Reminder: Privacy is your right. You shouldn't be exploited for using the internet.

This has been a long time coming.

Check out our website's fresh new look: torproject.org

There are many changes still to come. Find out what's next: blog.torproject.org/meet-new-t

Tor friends, relay operators, and anyone who wants to learn about Tor: Join us at Hackerspace Valencia on Thursday, March 28. blog.torproject.org/events/tor

To all the women of the world:

Stay strong in the struggle for equality and justice. Keep resisting and organizing.

Tor is here for you. blog.torproject.org/internatio

We're looking for stories about how Tor has helped protect people online.

We heard how Tor grants access to blocked sites in Iran.

We heard from a father protecting his kids and their friends with Tor.

We heard from an activist who relies on Tor to stay safe.

Read the stories and submit yours: blog.torproject.org/how-has-to

We're looking for a Backend Engineer to work with OONI!

You'll work on the data processing pipeline and other components responsible for recording measurements by our global user network. Python or Golang required. torproject.org/about/jobs-back

We're looking for a Browser Developer to join our team!

You'll work on C++ patches to our Firefox-based browser, writing new APIs, altering functionality for privacy & security, and making improvements to our collection of add-ons

Is your network unusually slow? Are websites blocked?

Install OONI Probe to find out if there's censorship or other anomalies on your network. It just got a major UX revamp, so it's easier to use than ever: ooni.torproject.org/post/revam

Android: play.google.com/store/apps/det
iOS: itunes.apple.com/us/app/id1199

Coming soon to F-Droid.

The final count is in! In 2018, we raised more donations from individuals than ever before.

Thank you for standing up for privacy and freedom online.

"Being a dissident is hard enough... anonymized communication is a godsend."

You can help us keep Tor strong for activists in 2019 by making a donation.

Tomorrow is the last day for your donation to count twice: torproject.org/donate/donate-l

Limited offer!

From today through Saturday when you make a donation to the Tor Project, our newest tee can be yours for $15 less.

Stand up for privacy online and get Tor gear:

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