You can now track internet censorship in near real-time with OONI Explorer.

That means online censorship during events like protests and elections can now be confirmed and reported quickly.

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"For me personally, Tor was a life changer, bringing me back to the Internet of my childhood by giving me just the slightest taste of freedom from being observed.”

- Edward Snowden, Permanent Record (pg 156)

We're in a race against censors of around the world.

If you have a question about our anti-censorship work, Roger Dingledine is answering questions in the comments of this blog post featuring his recent talk at DEF CON:

We're in a race against censors of worldwide. Watch Roger Dingledine's DEF CON talk to find out how Tor works, how it's being blocked, what we're doing about it, and how you can help.

Tails, a live operating system relying on Tor that helps you to use the internet anonymously and circumvent censorship almost anywhere you go and on any computer, turns 10 today.

Happy birthday, Tails 🎂…/tor-…/2

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"Being a dissident is hard enough... anonymized communication is a godsend."

You can help us keep Tor strong for activists in 2019 by making a donation.

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When you donate to the Tor Project, not only do you help millions of people stay safe online, you can also get the latest Tor gear: stickers to decorate your laptops and cover your cams + tees and hoodies to keep you cozy.

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