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BBC is now available as an onion service. bbcnewsv2vjtpsuy.onion

.onion sites are better protected against blocking and censorship, making it hard for a state to disrupt publication or to ban people from accessing a given website.

Time to update: Tor Browser 9.0, based on Firefox 68 ESR, is out now.

In addition to the needed patch rebasing and toolchain updates, we made big improvements to make Tor Browser work better for you.

Tor Browser is now available in 27 different languages -- including newly added Macedonian and Romanian.

We're looking for a Shadow Simulation Developer to help us develop cutting-edge network simulation / emulation software. Should have expertise in parallel program design and development.

Fewer than 24 hours remain to be entered to win one of our unpopulated SAO badge boards and a branded lanyard.

We'll randomly choose 10 donors who give $20 or more through Friday 13:00 UTC (9am ET).

In addition to sharing and receiving files without a third party, the newest OnionShare lets you publish static websites as onion services 🙌

Your IP address and identity will be protected, and your site will be censorship resistant.

We're giving away 10 of our unpopulated SAO badge boards and lanyards this week.

Donate $20 or more now through Friday 13:00 UTC (9am ET), and you will be entered to win.

Today, we're starting the process of having the 9 directory authorities refuse End-Of-Life relays in the Tor network.

The affected series are: 0.2.8.x, 0.3.0.x, 0.3.1.x (34), 0.3.2.x, 0.3.3.x, and 0.3.4.x.

More than 400 police departments across the U.S. have entered into surveillance partnerships with Amazon’s camera enabled doorbell company, Ring.

These partnerships should end.

There's a new alpha release of Tor Browser out now.

Tor Browser 9.0a7 is the second alpha release based on Firefox ESR68. It includes new features and fixes you can help us test including the addition of the Snowflake pluggable transport on Windows ❄️

Our friends at Tails are looking for a design contractor to create illustrations explaining what is Tails and how it works.

Tails is a portable operating system that protects your privacy and avoids censorship.

Design brief and application:

Digital rights are human rights.

Help us defend the open internet by running a Tor bridge.

Let us know by Monday if you've set one up: We'll randomly select 10 new operators to receive a Tor t-shirt.

We integrated UX research into digital security trainings. We now proudly have a software development cycle that puts users first and respects privacy.

In 2017-19, we reached ~800 people in person, including defenders, journalists, and political activists.

"By cross-referencing just one hour of video footage from public webcams with Instagram stories taken and shared in Times Square, BuzzFeed News was able to confirm the real names and identities of a half dozen people."
.onion: bfnews3u2ox4m4ty.onion/article

There's a new stable Tor release out today 🙌

Tor backports several bugfixes to improve stability and correctness. Anyone experiencing build problems or crashes with or reliability issues with single onion services should upgrade.

SecureDrop 1.0.0 is out and includes support for v3 onion services plus significant updates to SecureDrop’s web-based Source Interface and Journalist/Admin Interface.
.onion: secrdrop5wyphb5x.onion/news/se

We've got a new release: Tor

This alpha release adds new defenses for denial-of-service attacks against onion services. It also includes numerous kinds of bugfixes and refactoring to help improve Tor's stability and ease of development.

We owe you a thank you. We asked for help creating the first fund, and contributions came in from all over the world to help us keep Tor, and the many tools that rely on Tor, strong and safe.

Together we raised $86,081 👾💥

Thank you.

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