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🔵 Time to update: Tor Browser 10.0.15 is now available, and updates Openssl to 1.1.1k. In addition, Tor Browser 10.0.15 includes a bugfix for when Javascript is disabled on websites. Android Tor Browser will be available in the coming days.

Growing your onion is easier than ever with affordable DV certificates and the new Onion Zine setup guide. 💜

How to access both here:

The Tor Project has made it clear to Freedom Software Foundation and in the past that we did not want to participate in the event if they welcomed RMS back.

To re-instate him without notifying the community prior to the event is against the transparency we stand for in this community.

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The Tor Project is joining calls for Richard M. Stallman to be removed from board, staff, volunteer, and other leadership positions in the FOSS community, including the Free Software Foundation and the GNU Project. Sign the open letter:

Amazon is forcing delivery drivers to undergo surveillance of their location, movement, and biometric data. And if they don't sign the "consent" form? They are fired.

Internet shutdowns don't resolve crises. Research suggests that shutdowns actually escalate tensions by limiting freedoms and creating confusion. Protecting human rights and freedoms in a digital age means .

Coming up next at #LibrePlanet 2021, at 14:45: join us in the Jupiter room for Antonela Debiasi from Tor @torproject @torproject to learn how Tor improves usability without compromising user privacy:

📣 Online surveillance tries to track our every move. Luckily, we can use Tor to protect our privacy. But the offline world is different: we can't live life through relays. It's time to ban biometric surveillance.
Sign the petition & here:

Your car is broadcasting data about where you go and what you do. And now a surveillance contractor wants to sell this data to the U.S. military, including "real-time locations of specific cars in nearly any country on Earth."

🔵 New releases: Tor,, and
These releases fix a pair of denial-of-service issues. We recommend that everybody upgrade to one of the releases (,, or as they become available to you.
Full log:

The Tor Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Every donation, no matter the amount, helps keep Tor strong. Plus, we take cryptocurrency: $XBT, $BCH $DASH, $ETH, $LTC, $XMR, $XLM, and $ZEC.

"With Israeli technologies, they manage to prevent protests before they happen. The Israeli surveillance system is the new Uzi."

Nuestro amigo @jacobonajera creó esta guía en español sobre cómo instalar el proxy Snowflake para servidores GNU/Linux:

If you're looking for the English version of how to install Snowflake on GNU/Linux, you can find it here:

First came the coup in Myanmar on Feb. 1, then came the internet censorship that blocked social media sites. Now, the internet is shut down entirely every night.

More in @ooni's new report:

We're excited to announce that we are participating in Google Summer of Code again this year under the umbrella of DIAL Community. 🎉

You have now until April 13 to register and submit your application! Here is all the info you need to apply:

The Tor Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Your contributions make it possible for millions of people to take back their privacy online every day.

The Tor Project's UX team lead Antonela Debiasi will share how our human-centered design methodologies improve Tor's usability without compromising user privacy at this year's LibrePlanet.

Onion services v2 are retiring.
It's time to migrate to onion services v3.

Here is the planned deprecation timeline:

Key findings from Access Now's 2020 report on internet shutdowns:
- There were 28 complete internet shutdowns last year;
- For the third year in a row, India shut down the internet more than any other nation--at least 109 times;

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