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如何在中国大陆绕过 GFW 防火长城连接到 Tor?

中国大陆的用户可能需要一些额外步骤来绕过防火长城,连接到 Tor 网络。

[Workshop] Sysadmin 101 for new Tor relay operators! 🧅

Join us on June 4th at 19 UTC for new and prospective Tor relay and bridge operators on the basic “sysadmin fu” required to contribute to the network. Facilitated by Kushal and Gman999.

More info:

Congestion control eliminates the speed limit of current Tor and reduces latency by minimizing queue lengths at relays. Congestion control brings significant performance improvements and increased utilization of our network capacity. Learn more:

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🔵 Time to update: Tor Browser 11.0.13 is now available. This release brings congestion control to stable. You asked for a faster Tor—now, it's here! You should see significant browsing and download speed improvements in Tor Browser 11.0.13.

🧅 Tor Relay Operator Meetup

Tor friends, relay operators, and anyone who wants to learn about Tor relays and Snowflake proxy:

Join us today, Saturday, May 21 @ 1900 UTC (starting in 10 minutes)!

🧅Tor Relay Operator Meetup🧅

Tor friends, relay operators, and anyone who wants to learn about Tor relays and Snowflake proxy:
Join us tomorrow, Saturday, May 21, 1900UTC!

Happening now!

🗓️ Join us today, May 20th, 2022 for our monthly Localization hangout!

On the hangout we will talk about the coming updates of the Tor Browser, with new connection - bridges configuration.

Come join us on the Localization Hangout, from Noon UTC, on the -l10n channel in OFTC. (you can also use Element to connect:

If you are not a translator yet, you still have time to become one before the hangout:

🎊 HUGE news worth celebrating!🎊

The Russian block on our website ( has been successfully lifted for now, thanks to tireless work from our legal team in Russia, Roskomsvoboda.

In 2020 & 2021, the FBI queried the data of more than 3 million people in the U.S. without a warrant in "incidental" capture of conversations through Section 702. With the potential renewal of Section 702 on the horizon, it's time to close this backdoor.

We are hiring two Software Engineers for our Applications Team! You'll work on Tor Browser and future applications and help millions of people circumvent censorship and protect their privacy. All details here:

A few minutes of testing and reporting bugs helps us release a better version of Tor Browser, which helps everyone who needs Tor!
You can get started right now. Here's how to volunteer as a Tor Browser alpha tester:

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Every release of Tor Browser brings new features: many help people circumvent censorship to Tor, better protect their privacy, or are designed to make Tor easier to use.
These new features can introduce bugs, and we need your help to find and squash them. 🐛

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Are you looking for a volunteer opportunity that will help at-risk and censored Tor users safely use Tor?
Do you have a few minutes to test new versions of Tor Browser and report bugs?
Become a Tor Browser alpha tester! 🧅

Cool job opportunity! @torproject is looking for a software engineer to join the applications team. You would be hacking away on the Tor Browser!

Relay operators, it's time to put the next relay operator meetup on your calendar: Saturday, May 21 at 19:00 UTC. Hope to see you there.

There are more event details and agenda in the works here on the Tor Forum:

If you're an exit relay operator, please upgrade to ASAP. Bring congestion control and big speed gains to Tor users!

Have you checked out the latest release of Tails? You should! It brings new versions of a lot of the software included in Tails, plus new OpenPGP tools.

📢 Exit relay operators, we need you to upgrade to Tor as soon as possible! This is the first stable Tor release with support for congestion control, which will result in significant performance improvements for users. Upgrade to now.

🔵 Time to update: Tor Browser 11.0.11 (Windows, macOS, Linux) is now available. This release updates Firefox on Windows, macOS, and Linux to 91.9.0esr.

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