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I've been posting my practice work as I learn illustration as an absolute beginner But honestly, I feel proud enough of this doodle to share it on its own!

A simple coffee bug, BUT with it, I practiced:
- drawing through my forms
- Iterating and refining an image w/ multiple passes (10+ 😬)
- Deciding what's important to carry over
- Just the mechanics of drawing

Also pictured: each layer as I refined it

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*extremely migos voice* my breakfast is bad and boujee 

homemade sourdough, ricotta salata, peaches and salt

can i be the one to import the “good morning to _______ only” joke format to the fediverse

good morning to four tet’s “lush” only

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*slaps Walt Whitman* This bad boy can contain so many multitudes

hi i heard this is where we put all the high quality shitposts

bring them to me


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