God damn I love the internet sometimes.

Just had a vivid memory of a tomato character and within 2 minutes had narrowed it down to “Amiga game tomato”.

I’ve found videos and images that brought long forgotten memories flooding back.


Does anyone know much about what a UK LTD company can donate to software projects?

Is it something a business can expense? Are there tax implications?

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Our privacy policy:

Your privacy is *very* important to us. Your delicious, warm, liquid, iron-rich privacy.

We will keep your privacy very, very safe, oh yes. We will certainly not share it with others. They can get their OWN planet.

Carry on with your business.

I love when my rather expensive MBP absolutely shites the bed when trying to do a video call.

I just toasted the night, just on the off chance someone was watching me take my tablets. I wanted them to think I’m onto them.

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I miss old computer manuals that assumed everyone was new to the concept of a computer.

@kornel yes! I left it feeling drunk on too much input and stimulus!

I’m loving three things at this second.

- iOS 12’s screentime feature.
- The CBD community in general
- Getting excited for Disney World

I’m maybe misremembering on purpose. But I feel like the keyboard was very enjoyable to use as well.

Speaking of the Amiga 500 actually.

That was a fantastic machine. Loved it for games and for understanding Workbench.

Workbench is such a good name for an OS. “This is the place the stuff you actually use lives”

Machine learning gameboy -“gameboy colour”

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ascii art 

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Since Dick Van Dyke is trending on :twitter: let us never forget his most important role: Amiga user.

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