Squish Machine is a new action puzzler from Brad Erkkila where you need to prevent getting smashed in the jaws of a giant machine! Coming in early 2019:


The super fun arcade flapper Super Fowlst from CatCup Games is now available for Android following its iOS launch last month:


Developer Naquatic has a new game in the works called Rock, Paper, Wizards! and they're looking for beta testers on our forums to help test this upcoming online RPG:


Over the weekend during the epic Kinda Funny Game Showcase, Noodlecake Games announced TWO new titles - a top-down 2D take on Rocket League called Motorball and a new Super Stickman Golf game called Golf Blitz:


'PUBG Mobile' Patch 0.10.0 has gone into beta testing and it adds the snow map Vikendi and a lot more with the final release date "leaked" once again


Bandai Namco Entertainment confirms English release for previously Japan only 'Tales of Crestoria' which is coming to both iOS and Android in Western regions in 2019


What happens when you take the mechanics of Threes and blend them with a hardcore roguelike? You get the fantastic Twinfold from Kenny Sun, our pick for Game of the Week:


The new Stranger Things game based on the upcoming third season of the show is heading to "all platforms" and it looks like that'll include mobile:


The huge online multiplayer update for the fantastic Teen Titans GO! Figure from Grumpyface and Cartoon Network is now available, grab your virtual figs and go battle!


Crossgrams is a really clever looking word-based puzzle game from John Plewe that's up for pre-order now and launching next week:


The super fun Game Boy-inspired Metroidvania Tiny Dangerous Dungeons from Adventure Islands has been updated with full screen support for iPhone X models and the new iPad Pro:


As promised, the latest highly cerebral programming-based puzzle game from Tomorrow Corporation, 7 Billion Humans, is now available on the App Store:


The fantastic tactical RPG/puzzle hybrid Ticket to Earth from Robot Circus has been updated with brand new Episode 3 content:


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