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I used twine to make this slide for class to explain how dialog tree romance games pretty much always work

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I am present at as for everyone who wants to stay in there.

So, is Twitter blocked in an Arab country or something? *looks at local timeline flashing by*

And everything is fucked because upgrading an Adaptec firmware is surprisingly complicated when none of your access paths work.

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... except that the order was reversed, damnit.

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Speaking of weird social notworks, there's this movim thing which I still haven't given as much looking into as it properly deserves.

Just logged back in to my Diaspora* account.

Sheesh, the public timeline does see traffic, but the amount of plain old Tumblr replication in there is not a good sign at all.

Well... if it weren't for the fact that everybody knows it's probably dead for any kind of mass adoption anyway.

That moment when you have to accept the inevitable truth and add a
no strict 'refs';
to your perl.

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I don't think Windows belongs on any embedded thing, but be that as it may, Diebold-Nixdorf has about 1 million ATMs in banks and will be rolling out Windows 10 on to those. (Article in German)

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"A Unix system administrator of my acquaintance once got curious about what people were putting into /dev/null. I think he also may have had some notion that it would contain secrets or other interesting material that people wanted thrown away. Both of these ideas are stupid, but what he did next was even more stupid: he decided to replace /dev/null with a plain file so that he could examine its contents.

The root filesystem quickly filled up and the admin had to be called back from dinner to fix it. But he found that he couldn't fix it: to create a Unix device file you use the mknod command, and its arguments are the major and minor device numbers of the device to create. Our friend didn't remember the correct minor device number. The ls -l command will tell you the numbers of a device file but he had removed /dev/null so he couldn't use that.

Having no other system of the same type with an intact device file to check, he was forced to restore /dev/null from the tape backups."

Sieht so aus, als müsste ich 'n aufsetzen, wa.

Sieht ja bisher nach "best of was ich bei Twitter vermisse" aus.


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