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I need hormones I keep running low!



I cannot post my deadname for safety reasons that includes PayPal. If you know of a way I can receive money without revealing my name let me know!

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anyone who isn’t a cis man 🤝 anyone who isn’t a cis man
not being listened to; especially by cis men

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It's super easy to really early on tell which popular ostensibly leftist internet personalities are gonna go mask off and get real openly reactionary years later, but so many people will defend them until it's undeniable and then be like "who could've seen this coming"

I feel excluded by queer women. And it's very distressing.

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99% of the time I don't feel safe in women's spaces, 100% of the time I don't feel safe in men's spaces, and the 1% of the time I do feel safe its because a real ally treats me like I am who I say I am, that I belong, and doesn't misgender me behind my back. And yes I can tell about the last part.

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by which I mean to make sure the applicant is able to look and act the way the employer wants, so in other words to weed out disabled people

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Job interviews exist to weed out disabled people

@zkat hey I know you where trying to write a non FOSS License before I found something you might be looking for

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tumblr blogs that are like "lesbian couples aesthetics uwu" and it's all, like, white thin cis feminine lesbians, i do not trust you

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While preparing another #foss #scifi game I ended up neglecting my finances.
My fault.

Yet, if you would like to see more projects, hopefully helpful posts and clumsy #art from me, #donate #monero so i can afford them.


#crypto is the only way for me, sadly.

Previous titles:
Also in my repos (check masto profile)

+Can team up with you on your game!
#mutualaid #help

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daily reminder that the phrase "carbon footprint" was created by BP in an ad campaign in order to try to shift the blame from themselves onto individual consumers and stifle any collective action against the fossil fuels industry.

The problem with ivermectin isn't that it doesnt help with covid, rather that the dewormer doesn't get rid of brain worms.

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oh you're mlm? what do u suck dick, sell soap or love mao?

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I use a VPN

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