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once again if you're thinking of posting: mastodon't

sir youve been in a coma since 2012
oh boy i cant wait to see the completed hiveswap game

two bottoms go on a date. they spend three hours going "I don't know, where do you wanna eat"

this site is just if the tunnel from wonka was real

while im on a roll i just wanna say, lucretia stans? the Least valid

getting into some actual tazposting on this taz account

me watchin this chat zip by at yeetin speeds absolutlely not comprehending a word

if you've ever seen a keurig machine outside of a store you owe me 50 bucks on paypal

when you use mastodon in the bathroom you give em the ol toot n shoot

Let's make dean in gym shorts the most retooted picture on mastodon

everyone shut up and post cats, i'll start with the FIRST cat pic ever taken

don't claim to be a bottom if you just act like an ass 😏

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