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when you see a dog and you know youre gonna pet the shit out of it

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I wish I could pull my tits off and throw them like hand grenades.

@transnaoto im sorry i dont remember what its called even

didnt the fine bros try to trademark the word "react"

[building a giant dirt penis in minecraft with a netherrack tip and lighting it on fire] all art is politics

also why did everyone thirst over sans when undertale come out

ha! my fellow “tooters”! allow for us to *shuffles through papers and skims through one of them* get this coochie!

today..,s valid charactr.., of the day.., is..,



I like how I can say Fuck TERFS and shit without risk of being banned. Fuck TERFS

this is now a homonormative website. be gay or DIE.

You know what’s the real cringe 

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