@azmarobi @citrustwee@bofa.lol day 5 of not knowing what the fuck the word coochie even means and being afraid to google it

Do y'all experience this? There's a different more earnest and hopeful tone on this platform and I don't know if this is a better place to discuss this or not. 🤔

Earnest ideological signalin and cheerleadin is an essential element to building popular movements. I accept that. So why does my mind rebel at this task so often?

Not sure why I gain followers despite posting openly vile and cruel jokes at the expense of victims of terrorist attacks, but maybe it is because we are all a little twisted like Jared Leto's Joker.

Leftists are like crows:

a) inteligint
b) they will fight you for food
c) surprisingly numerous
d) dark plumage
e) possibly their own worst enemies? [see f]
f) culture impossible to decipher for outsiders and possibly insiders
g) can be a nuisance in dense urban areas

Building a statue that honors toxic males through the ages so that it can be destroyed by one of the excess missiles created by advanced industry.

Boost this tweet if you wish to receive a fine steel blade from an anonymous donor. If you are pure of heart, you will receive the sacred implement posthaste.

Scully rejects proof of astral projection. Mulder worries about alien government cabals.

Portland's annual Corgi Walk in the Pearl inspired in me some thoughts about racism which I'm not sure are worth sharing. If this gets 10 Faves I will elaborate. Thx

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