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I'm a gay opossum with a name like a DC supervillain and that's really all there is to know about me

[stands ominously in your doorway] Can I Join Your Kin Instance?

I'm gay it shouldn't be required of me to ever leave my bed

Ey, yo! Where are all the kinnie instances at?? Chaboi wants kin friends. Hmu

Unless they're IN TO me shaming them, in which case I'll do that for an extra $20

If someone is willing to pay me $50 for pictures of my feet, I'm not about to shame them.

Lee: *Retoots my toots even though he's in the same room as me and saw me post them*
Me, choking back tears: Thanks baby.

Retoot me, I can't afford antidepressants and the soft bloop of a mastadon notification is the closest thing to happiness I ever feel

No one will ever suspect that I'm a kinnie because I don't have an anime icon.

Lee: Just because Midoriya's my icon doesn't mean I'm kin with him.
Me: -squints-

If you have an anime icon, I automatically assume you're a kinnie.

Morty, ya gotta *uuuurp* ya gotta give yerself over to the darkness, Morty!

me: hey mastodon what's up
yall: ant cum
me: okay bye maybe later

Evangelion... Good. But. Evangelion... Triggering. *But. Evangelion. GOOD*

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