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Hey, I'm Adam! I'm more active on .art (, but I thought I'd give this instance a try too!

Mostly I draw (), but sometimes I also ramble about things. I like , , and . Mostly I play (and other tabletop rpgs), , and . Is there a / community on here like ?? I'd love to follow keepers! for more links

does anyone know of any way to like... keep youtube/netflix/etc closed captions overlayed on your display? i want to have background chatter while i draw n stuff but can't understand anything people say when the fan/ac are on :[

#cc #closedcaptioning ?? i dont know what tags would b relevant to find an answer lol

😎 <- thats me bc im the most incredibly cool person ive ever met

why do i only ever crush on straight men life is pain i hate being gay


stupid tumblr drama 

snake feeding 

my brain keeps swapping the 1 and the 3 and reading today's date as the 31st and briefly panicking

how to shake the feeling that 90% of my friends dislike me and wish i would stop talking to them

I hate walking on ice so much!! I want to move somewhere without a winter :[

i'm starting a daily drawing blog on tumblr because i need motivation to draw and !!! it's gonna be great i'm gonna do my best to stick to it :'D

Hey guys! I've got open if you're interested, with the most expensive option being $25!! On top of that, I've got a holiday special going on, check it out!

πŸ‘‰ πŸ‘ˆ

i feel like more and more bubbles & pinkie pie are my inspirations

i hated them as a little kid because they felt like all the parts of femininity i hated but like... that scene in that one comic where bubbles is like "i'm not dumb! i just like things that make me happy! at least i don't want to be mean like some people!" just resonates with me so much i love her

there needs to be more people like bubbles and pinkie pie in the world

if i ignore the paper for long enough maybe it will go away

Doing a holiday special on my #commissions until the 16th: order something as a gift and get 25% off!
Might close them if I don't think I'll be able to get them all done before the 25th but they're open for now!

#art #mastoart

first real snow of the year that's sticking on the ground and everything! i'm kinda scared, last year was so mild but years before that were insanely cold OTL i don't want cold weather yet i'm not ready

maybe i'll go out and make a little snowman later?

i want to go work on this paper in a coffee shop so i can be more productive but i have to stay in the apartment to keep the temperature regulated for baby anita :[ i wish our building had a thermostat instead of just on-off for the heater OTL

the gross boy, here he is, i love him even though he is mildly gross and also peed on my couch once

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