pg_flame looks like a great little visualizer for PostgreSQL Query Plans:

Cool to see the impressive improvements in .NET Core 2.1:

Love this focus on performance.

Starting to think people say Mastodon is "safer" and has less hate speech because there's almost nobody here.

Everything posted seems to be primarily bots, and topics outside of talking about Mastodon are few and far between.

Migrated from wMail to KiwiMail. Much nicer desktop client for Gmail accounts. It's also *free* for the first year ($9 after - a steal).

What I also like is that it's *not* based on Electron, so rather than chewing up a GB of RAM, it only eats a couple hundred megs. Nice!

Be productive in 2018 folks!

Back on Mastodon to see if they lift in users has made it more engaging.

Wish there was a public page that showed the activity of Mastodon (i.e. registered users, active users, etc). Does it exist?

Curious: Can I setup my own instance of this on my own server to assist in the federated nature of Mastodon? Or is there no net-benefit to doing so?


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