There are probably things funnier than listening to VoiceOver speak lorem ipsum text, but I don't know what they are

I can't be the first to have noticed that Popeyes is also Pope Yes

But they say you've got to believe in yourself

Ok, twooter has this asinine redesign, so I'm back here

BMIR audio with the video live stream. Hope your burn is good for all that observe.

sports, bad language, good fun 

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fiber

Coming Summer 2046

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There is something very distasteful about the way journalists treat Trump calling them "enemies of the people" as a Line We Cannot Cross but Trump doing the same to, say, Muslims and immigrants is just politics.

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The website sniff test: if the site has a checkbox, can I click on the text next to the checkbox to check/uncheck it?

If not, they probably messed something else up too, so I'm going to be careful with using tricky things like the back/forward buttons, passwords with special characters, etc.

@fraying actually, sorry, I just read TFA, and they basically said exactly that, in a much more circuitous way.

@fraying true, but perhaps not the thinnest spin we've ever seen from them.

I have to say, I've never regretted closing my FB account.

@fraying whadya wanna bet they spin it as a security issue... "too many Russian bots xposting from Twitter... we owe it to our users to protect them..."

I can't believe some of y'all don't have anything better to do than harass Wil. That you're so committed to turning this into what we left behind. That you have no appreciation for the opportunities that await you in the vastness of the fediverse

This is, in fact, why we can't have nice things.

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@Eweish1 I have no problem with trans women. There's a pretty big lie circulating that I do, and I think it's because the blocklist I originally used at the birdsite was made by someone else, who put a lot of trans women on it. I *always* removed trans women from my version of the list when I found out who they were, and even stopped sharing it entirely when I found out I couldn't remove all of them.

So I'm not anti-trans, or anything else (except anti-people-being-dicks-to-other-people).

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.... this is basically ALL of my posts and most of my interactions with family back home for the last couple years.
Fuck you Facebook
RT Facebook is deleting timeline posts that users cross-published from Twitter


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