Thinking a good middle ground might be setting up a louderthanten instance on At any rate, I'm looking forward to leaving behind my confused toots about Mastodon with this account.

Looking to get off this crazy instance., but still not sure if I should chance it on a cool small community and hope it stays alive and well back-ed up, or start my own as smart people like @aral seem to encourage. Makes idealogical sense… but not jazzed about the expense and commitment. Most of all, I don't want to go through the hassel of moving more than once, as migration seems to be a bit of a mess for folks.

My friend Erika started a podcast that revisits 80's movies from a contemporary perspective. It's called Surprisingly Problematic and it's totally worth adding to your regular rotation. surprisinglyproblematic.simple

Environmental collapse 

Ahhh, another beautiful morning in our new season, Smoke.

@travisgertz I think the most important factor is the ruleset, what kind of posts they allow, what kind of instances they choose not to federate with based on /their/ rulesets, etc.

Once you've narrowed down that list, pick a place whose attitude you get a kick out of and see if it's for you.

I think the lack of clarity around the concept of instances is causing a lot of people to join because it’s popular (like I did). But once you’re in, you quickly realize its general popularity makes potentially awesome things like the Local feed totally noisy and useless. By the time you learn about niche instances, you’re already committed and can’t transfer your account.

And I still don’t know how you’d evaluate whether an instance was worth joining or not.

Okay this article helped me wrap my brain around how some of this Mastodon stuff works. I still don’t know about this multiple instances ballyhoo though. I could see some value in having a great local feed around a common interest… but on the other hand, it seems like a lot of overkill to have multiple accounts just for that.

@splorp @brianwarren So the word is, federated is the ENTIRE network, and local is from your instance. Which I feel should be better documented somehow. And how the heck does that redirect thing work? I feel like that could make things even weirder (do your followers follow? Is it just reposting?)

Just when I think I’m starting to get it, another layer of complexity kicks me in teeth.

@travisgertz The federated timeline is the same across all instances, only the local timeline changes between instances (it being local to your instance).

Can't say I completely understand the idea of instances yet, but feel I'm not getting the best of Mastodon by being on The federated timeline is pretty useless. Is this better with different instances? 🤷‍♂️

Less writing about shaping design systems. More writing about systems shaping design. Or even design shaping systems.

Saying that, I totally appreciate the work going into this. I hope it gets there. We need it.

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Look, I dig the idea of Mastodon and all, but this shit's got to get a lot easier to setup, remote follow, etc. I ain't ever going to get my pals on here no matter how shitty Twitter gets.


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