@edgren I like to believe that no system, platform, etc. without proper surveillance mechanisms is permitted to operate beyond a certain threshold where begins to make significant impact... sorry, dude, I try but I can't. I guess I just wasn't thinking. I like to believe that governments, all of them, more or less, still rule the game. What do you think?

@edgren Nice reading! I'd like to highlight "Same shit, different service", altough this is quite a relief indeed altough backdoor or die everywhere yeah power to the people

@FreeTube Hello dude, I'm a bit lazy to find out this for myself, but what about the country blocked videos and so? Does this nice client help in bypassing those restrictions? Ok thanks keep it up!

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@Magdanesha Tengo que preguntar "¿pero vos permanecés callada mientras tanto?"

@thumb They are doomed: they will never have no company to be customers of. So they are going to go off the grid. And what is off the grid par excellence? The government. So they are going to take it. But all this already happened. So China it's the only true laboratory for human existence, and it has a great sense of parody. First the government (just politics, all personal), then the corporations (business as just trying).

@thumb Its only for you to know they are there and accept it and naturalize it. First the corporations (nothing personal, just business), then the governments (just trying, as usual). Your lives are mostly defined by what you consume (which is not precisely a threat to the status quo), but imagine the consecuences for people whose life is about changing real issues.


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