I’m on a train and I’m tired and I just want to be in bed and I miss my cat and I miss my girlfriend

‪Any tips on learning polish ? Specifically learning common verbs and declination thereof. Already got a good app for vocabulary and someone to practice with. Dziękuje 🙂‬

My girlfriend cried in bed last night because she said she just realised how attached she is to me and my brain is full mr krabs for the last 24 hours

Hi everyone I went on holiday but now I’m back On Line

on the one hand, I absolutely have to start making better financial decisions for myself. on the other hand,

Boost this sunbathing doggo gazing out at his bounty of sticks. Life is good in this moment.

No offence too Americans but why do you Fucking love scheduling 9am coffee meetings. I do not do 9am. When I said I couldn’t do 10 I meant we should do it next week you fool, you absolute moron

@snackvampire@bofa.lol why are there two of you !!! What is going on

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