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since we’re on the nice site, i figure i’ll do an

my name is trillionaire ( @maltyhops on twitter) my pronouns are he/him, i’m 36, live in kentucky and do cyber security. i’m married and have 2 boys(my large sons) 3 & 8

i have been sober, one day at a time, for a few years now. i’m not very smart but i appreciate people who are and have become friends with many through online. i’m not nearly active enough in louisville dsa but love my chapter and think we do great work. (1/2)

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wow, this is embarrassing. you caught me reading! guess my secret’s out, i’m a bit of a book worm. mostly smart stuff like science

me: this is the support desk, spill the tea
customer: what? anyway I can’t log in
me: maybe she snapped
customer: what?
me: go offfffff agdjfkslaidjfkslka
customer: stop it

no matter how good video game graphics technology gets, it will never be able to render a credible looking suit and tie

i used to tell everybody it was my birthday and ask for a on twitter. everybody thought i was a complete asshole. i was and still am

just a friendly reminder that it is morning, so for those of you who have been rock n' rolling (all night) it's time to transition into partying (every day)

getting kicked out of my own discord but I Will Speak My Truths

‪in this book i’m reading they describe germany providing transport to lenin back to petrograd to stir turmoil in russia, which eventually led to their undoing down the road, as one of the all-time “own goals” and i lol’d ‬

smart/bookworm stuff, for intellectuals 

i forgot who recommended me this book but so far it is really good

twitter: shit about mccain

mastodon: shit about mccain with content warnings

i haw a law degree but its not for being a lawyer or whatever shit, it's just from learning all the ways you can legally kill someone with no repercussions

islamic batman and all the gotham city thugs think they can take him down with bacon because they are dumbasses

Immastodon Joe: Once again, we send off my Toot Rig to bring back long posts from knzk, and shitposts from Once again, I salute my Imperator Toot Toad, and I salute my half-life Reply Guys, who will post with me eternal on the instances of Valhalla! I AM YOUR RETOOTER! It is by my hand you will rise from the ashes of the federated timeline!

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