one of the best things in my office is this phone -- no one knows what it's connected to, but sometimes is rings and everyone is forbidden from answering it

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I read that mastodon article you all were talking about the other day and idk, it seems fine to me

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I made a terrible game where you have to guess which bad domain name is more expensive:

finally watched Arrival (2016), I'd say it rivals even Battleship (2012), although Battleship is a clear cinematic influence

my sister's boyfriend gave me a sachet of grave dirt for christmas

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did you know? potting soil was invented by henrietta potts

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Baking Lifehack 

Cover yourself in flour before you start baking. Just take a bath in the stuff, get it everywhere

Recurse Center is offering $10,000 fellowships to women, trans, and nonbinary people!

RC was a hugely positive and transformative experience for me as a person and a programmer; I highly recommend it

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🍎🍐🍇🍓self-promotion 🥦🌶🌽🥕 

For years & years I've been making beautiful pictures of locally-grown veggies on my desktop scanner. Finally got around to making a store to sell prints and goodies. Please buy prints and goodies so I can buy more veggies!
30% OFF SALE TODAY (Friday) code JOLLY30

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pettest peeve: people saying internet archive employees are "modern day librarians"


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self-promotion, poetry 

The poetry chapbook I made with Harry Giles is out! Full of old Scots folk poetry, reconstituted with all that fancy neural network nonsense the kids are into these days.

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