One misconception of is that when you arrive here you expect to see all your friends or at least someone to follow. It's like walking into a library and expecting your favorite book to be lying on the table in the lobby waiting for you. The community you seek is here, you just have to do a bit more work to find them.

yeah. That brings out the best in us though, it makes us figure it out all over again. What do we have to offer each other, and the group?

@mydogisahusky It's nice to have a clean slate to find a new balance and explore something new.

Lol, I now have the mental image of my local library with sections representative of the people I have bumped into on here.
Let's just say, the older lady across the road is going to have her eyes opened when she has to traverse the sections on witchcraft, furry eroticism, circus skills and gay anarchism on her way to find that recipe book she was recommended. 😝

@triptych my library does have lots of nice suggestions, and helpful tips on how to find what i’m looking for.

@triptych na, my community isn't really here...

And that's okay.

I'm making new friends and finding new and interesting communities to be a part of. :)

@triptych I've been hosting this Instance for 24 hrs. Here's what I've learned: you have to be an active host. You can't just passively expect people to post anything relevant to the focus of the Instance, if there is one, and in the case of Ganesha, there is. You have to lead the discussion. Otherwise people post the same stuff they post on every other Instance. Which is fine, I don't have a problem with that. But you have to work to get people focused on the ecosystem you are trying to build.

@ShaunBartone Yeah, it's almost like being a DM or a Master of Ceremonies. What flavor and style do you want to promote. I think it's too much for any one person, mayhap get a team of folks to help you.

@triptych Right on. I have been asking people to help moderate the site. But people do show up and post things that I that I think are relevant. So I try to put the focus on them.



Been managing for over a year.

This is the biggest job of the admin.

@triptych @kensanata Unfortunately, for the thing "we" are frequently advertising ("delete your Twitter account and come to the fediverse"), this is *exactly* the expectation people do have. They don't want to switch tools *and* all their community. At times they might not even want to meet new people - but rather use a more trustworthy and human interface to interact with those that matter to them.

I just jumped into the pile of books and started to read and then brought a few of my own for others to read.
The analogy held up I hope :D

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