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Finally got around to creating a personal website with a blog.

Blog content to come soon.

Khronos: "Contributions welcome!"

Also Khronos: "Ah, just sign this CLA before."

Also Khronos: "By the way, new extensions MUST have a test added to our test suite. Please send a patch for our private test suite repository you can't access because you're not a member."

Also Khronos: "By the way, the membership is $18,000."

Fucking Khronos.

Oh wow. Migadu really stepped up their game with regard to their new site.

Anyone using them, and if so, how do you handle your calendar if you have one? They don't seem too keen on making calendar a priority. Do you use a third-party? If so, what service?

Phosh Overview

"phosh is graphical shell for mobile, touch based devices like smart phones. It’s the default graphical shell on Purism’s Librem 5 (and that’s where it came to life) but projects like Postmarket OS, Mobian and Debian have picked it up putting it into use on other devices as well and contributing patches."

#librem5 #privacy #freedom #phosh

matrix be like: lol only one server, its snekcode, some day we will have a good server, takes up entire vps. webshit. electron. everyone loves me :comfysmug:

xmpp be like: i have multiple production grade servers, specs completed since years and i've been proven to work on tony stark cave machines over telegraph lines. why does nobody love me :blobcatsadlife:

uspol covid

If you ever need to know why government sucks, just look Congress's "COVID relief" bill. Billions of dollars going to foreign countries for asinine reasons, and 600 dollars that will do fuck all.

Why do I pay taxes to a government that would rather help the citizens of other countries that I don't frankly care about? My money should go to me and any other person legally living within the border of the United States.

Fuck the government. Donald needs to veto this POS.

Distros in general aren’t great, but there’s one distro in particular that I don’t recommend: Solus.

They actively reject anything that uses libhandy, and refuse to listen to reason from people who actually know what they’re talking about regarding it.

Lenovo Vantage is a stupid program. It asked me if I wanted to scan my computer for issues. Sure whatever.

Here is an example:

In the Accumulated Junk section it reads:

"System log files that aren't needed"

If I want to know what files specifically aren't needed I have to sign up and pay for the service.

Windows 10 is a horrible operating system and stupid software like this is one of the largest reasons. An OEM is preinstalling this crapware.

Lenovo, I already bought your ThinkPad.

3.4 will not be shipped with translations for Chinese, Arabic, Hindi and Bengali, even though they are among the 10 most spoken languages in the World, for lack of complete translation.

Some translation like zh_CN are "only" missing 1257 strings (meaning the rest is already done).

To help translators, we have put up a short guide:

It's not too late to help translating darktable 3.4.1.


Element Matrix Services now allows organisations to migrate from Slack to Element in a matter of minutes! 🎉

Freedom for Slack users who want digital sovereignty, end-to-end encryption and all the benefits of an open network!


All is good in the world when gets a native dark theme.

Joining Google on the dark side of technology... 🤔


Just putting finishing touches on a dark theme... 👀

When Google is down but your life is so de-Googled so you only find out by seeing all the tweets about it...

Spent some time optimizing my website and holy smokes it is fast as hell now.

PageSpeed Insights/Lighthouse are really good at diagnosing issues. Keeping a Chromium-based browser around just for that is worth it.

Yo, don't dispute the charge if you have an issue with billing. Just send me an email and I'll issue a refund. It costs me quite a bit more to deal with a dispute, and it comes with a reputation hit.

GNOME Foundation funding in 2020 supported a full-time GTK Developer and hackfests. As a result, we’ve made enormous advancements in our GTK development including a new accessibility interface for GTK 4, to ensure that more people can use GNOME applications, including those with disabilities.
#supportopensource #fundraising

Just pushed the last TODO for API 2.0 🎉 and's GraphQL APIs now have feature parity with the REST APIs

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