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Finally got around to creating a personal website with a blog.

Blog content to come soon.

So #FediCraft is my Minecraft server for the Fediverse. I enjoy being its' admin and it's not going anywhere

But I know that MC isn't #free or open enough for some people. Not to mention that Minetest is a bit more extensible, can run on other kinds of devices, and seems to reach further into the ideologies I find permeating FOSS. Even at the expense of gameplay.

Would there be interest in an additional #MineTest server for the fediverse? A #FediTest?

Boost this and let's find out.

With a little effort, I was able to restrict lots of JavaScript APIs that I would never use and sources for items in CSP. I don't even allow JavaScript execution from 'self'. All my JS is inline, so I can protect from erroneous out-of-line JS being sent by the server.

Web dev can be fun.

Falls back to prefers-color-scheme though.

Plus it feels like I learn something new about Hugo all the time, so I am constantly improving my code. Recently I learned about render hooks for certain Markdown elements, and those have been total godsends.

Also I was able to set meaningful Content-Security-Policy and Permissions-Policy headers. My site is extremely locked down. I absolutely love being security friendly for users of my site.

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Added responsive images to my website now that Hugo supports WebP as of 0.83.0. Very happy with the way it turned out. is a very nice piece of software.

Also made sure my website doesn't look ridiculous on wide monitors by messing with the max-width of some elements.

Maintaining this site has been fun because I get to learn a lot of what the modern web/web browsers have to offer, especially for people who don't use JavaScript on their websites.

Mine has minimal JS for theme swithching.

Watching Netflix. I am reminded of the fact there really are stupid people in first world countries who think tap water is not good for you or "tastes bad". Thanks for introducing more single-use plastics into the world.

Waiting on the next release of Hugo for its new WebP support. Thank you Mr. bep.

Setup content-security-policy with default-src as 'none', so I am only using what is absolutely necessary with regard to font-src, script-src, img-src, and media-src. Who doesn't love better security?

Hugo just merged WebP support. Can't wait for 0.83.0.

One thing that Cloudflare has planned is webhooks to deploy new versions of sites, which can be useful when deploying with SourceHut instead of GitHub. I will have to give Cloudflare Pages another try in the future when all these issues get ironed out.

Note that my use case is fairly small, so you may find Cloudflare Pages more useful for other cases.

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Tried out Cloudflare Pages today. Kind of disappointed with the offering so far. Deployments are much slower than Vercel. Load times are slower by about ~20-40ms. They provide no environment variables like what the deploy URL will be, so your canonical URL will be wrong in staging environments for instance. Just stupid stuff like that, but not sure what I expected from a beta (I think).

Vercel is faster than Cloudflare Pages is faster than SourceHut Pages.

Love Vercel and SourceHut.

For instance, how do you solve status icons in the system trays if you are Electron? You can't because GNOME and Elementary want it one way, and KDE, Cinnamon, and MATE want it another way. Imagine if we just defined XDG standards for stuff like this...

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Desktop Linux fragmentation is the stupidest thing to ever happen. GNOME vs elementary apps. Give me a break.

Twitter comments on the FSF post make me laugh. The spread of misinformation knows no bounds.

infringement of rights 

[Person I did not vote for] announced plans to infringe on my rights as an American citizen today. Great stuff.

Opinions on licenses for my personal website?

Currently the code is under the AGPL-3.0 and the content is CC-BY-SA-4.0.

Do these licenses make sense for their purposes?

Took custom fonts off my personal website to use web standard fonts. Loads that much faster now.

sans-serif + Courier New

Meta tags are too complicated. Finally got my website to look good on all the big social media sites.

Yeah I've got an NFT:
:hacker_n: o
:hacker_f: ucking
:hacker_t: ime for this shit

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