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Finally got around to creating a personal website with a blog.

Blog content to come soon.

@deavmi got approved for a Fosstodon account. Going to work on migrating to it. Then you can block this instance lol

@martijnbraam loved your blog post. Libhandy is going away is a horrible decision

@deavmi met a girl from South Africa last night. Is a teacher for autistic students in Johannesburg. Said I had a friend who goes to Stollenbosch. She said that's wine country. Thinking I might have to make the trek to the opposite side of the world.

Only the geniuses that work at Microsoft could create a UI that says "Update and shut down" but instead does an "Update and restart". What a bunch of idiots.

Got a promotion to Thunderbird Product & BizDev Manager!

When I joined Thunderbird was at $700k annual revenue and the project was considered (un)dead.

Now we're at ~$3m annual revenue, we have 15 full-time ppl - and the product is rapidly improving!

I look forward to creating the best communication tool on the planet.

Future looks bright! 🚀

got 4800 servers in an abandoned warehouse by the docks, all instantiating and putting them into a hashtable

And it gets boosted by certain high-profile GNOME contributors.

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It's nice blocking people on this platform who are too stupid.

Literally disseminating fake news.

Games, Piracy 

I don’t normally promote “piracy” since I prefer to use Free Software, but I think the situation with GTA3 is very messed up.

I personally purchased TES: Morrowind with the intention of playing it using OpenMW. I really like the idea of Free Software implementations of games, even if they use copyrighted assets (In the case of OpenMW, the assets can only legally be acquired by purchasing the game).

I made a personal mirror of re3, which is a Free reverse engineering project of GTA3, with the intention of someday purchasing the game to play. Not long after I made my mirror, the re3 project was attacked by a bogus DMCA, and taken off of GitHub.

I have just made my clone of re3 available over IPFS. It can be downloaded like so:

git clone http://Qmf787bxzmbquZp4Q2SvRVvJVuNSM1UwYQUcp7wDqt6QVq.ipfs.localhost:8080 re3

GTA3 (and other early GTA games) were taken off of Steam, and other storefronts. All this was done to artificially eliminate competition - even among their own previous products - for their recent “remaster” of the old GTA games.

Now that GTA3 is no longer available to legally purchase in its original form, I believe it is perfectly justified to download from alternative sources (colloquially known as pirating). I hope people find this mirror of re3 useful for playing the game.

. #GTA #GTA3 #GitHub #DMCA

The stuff going into Nightly Thunderbird is really amazing. I encourage folks to use Thunderbird Nightly or Beta (if you want to avoid more bugs). You'll see amazing updates this cycle.

Just noticed the official GNOME Mastodon account won't let me follow it. Funny as hell.

@iron_bug foss is worse than proprieatary, we finally got there guys, every time, without fail

I wonder how much of humanity would be on board with petitioning the Human Rights Council to make backstories to recipes on recipe web pages a crime against humanity.

Salesforce is on a quest to make Slack the worst IM client in the business. Would rather send emails.

In America, too many people think just because I ride a motorcycle that I have a death wish. If more people rode motorcycles, the world would be a better place. Better emissions, less traffic, more parking spots. I wish the government would incentivize people to buy motorcycles. So much more economical for commuters.

This is the single greatest triumph of technology over itself, boost if you agree.

@mpjgregoire @bugaevc @steko Yep, Fuscia has some really big red flags including: permissive license (user devices will be proprietary), and a CLA. Google may have bright minds, but their intentions are nefarious. Let's stop giving them the mind-share they crave.
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