The Band Camino is currently my favorite band, and they are all I feel like listening to at the moment. Would recommend.

I don't understand why GitLab is doing these things. Even on behalf of Sourcehut, there are subsets that I don't really try to compete with GitLab on. They have a place in this ecosystem and they're working to undermine it. They're making a void that I, even as a competitor, don't want to and am not prepared to fill. The community is going to suffer for their missteps.

I feel really bad for their employees. If I could help, I would, but Sourcehut isn't big enough to provide a fallback for them. To any GitLab employees who know something I can do to help, or just want to talk, I can lend a sympathetic and private ear at

On the subject of being vigilant for vendor lock-in: a practical example. SourceHut's billing system uses Stripe to process payments, but the only API we use is the one which actually processes the payments. Stripe has first-class support for subscriptions, but it's wiser to bill subscriptions manually with a cronjob to make it easier to switch to another payment processor later.

@mariusor oh, fuck off. I'm not the one who escalated this dialogue.

As of today has completed over 100,000 CI jobs 🎉

GitLab commits -> jobs is now live for

if apps collected personal data to "improve their service", services would be good by now

I just donated 25$ to GNOME to fight patent trolls. And so should you! It doesn’t happen offen that someone rejects the settlement and wants to go through courts to get it invalidated, including filing a counter claim so they can’t just drop it.

I think it is my M.O. to start projects and not have the effort to finish them. It is especially bad for my personal website because I hate HTML/CSS so badly. Pls help.


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