For fuck's sake stop using fucking Slack for your open source project, christ. Get it through your fucking skulls, Dudebros. This is some basic fucking shit.

not really. good project and all but it's slow and kinda sucks. it's also especially annoying when ppl use the matrix→irc bridge (as an irc user, that is).

just use plain irc for projects. a mailing list wouldn't hurt either.


@icyphox it is slow at the moment, but the protocol is evolving, and the default implementation is admittedly slow because it is in Python. Python is horrible for an I/O intensive project. Synapse will live alongside, but be superseded by Dendrite at some point I believe. Improvements are coming. If you use Riot, then that can also be a slow point. The project just needs time.

As someone who has used both side of IRC/Matrix, I do not have any problems with the bridge.

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