Announcing the all-new Librem 14

A powerful 14" laptop in a 13" footprint

- Core i7-10710U (Comet Lake) Processor, 6 cores & 12 threads
- Up to 32GB DDR4 memory
- Output 4K Video to two displays

More about the Librem 14:

#privacy #security #freedom #linux

@tristan957 @alex @benoit @framasky @purism
Sure, AMD is cool, but no option for Purism, as they try to be as open/free as possible, and (surprisingly) this is simpler with Intel at the moment (there are several threads on this topic in the forums). Also, Purism would have to invest a lot in new designs and new reverse engineering, with little benefit.
If they add a different CPU, it will be ARM or RISC-V or something like that, with no unfree firmware.

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